A75 – Trancin´ episode 60 (18.10.2020)

A75 – Intro (
Roxanne Emery, Roman Messer – Lost and Found (extended ful fire mix)
Nick V – Meant To Be (extended mix)
Last Soldier – Real Self (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix)
TranzLift & Joe Cormack – Beautiful Day (Extended Mix)
Arsen Gold – Oniria (Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar & Rob Dalby – Solstice (Extended Mix)
Ghost Etiquette feat. Aza Nabuko – Needed You (Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam – Stardust (Nikolauss Remix)
HALIENE – Walk Through Walls (Markus Schulz Extended Remix)
Binary Ensemble – Yaadein (Extended Mix)
Dary Adams – Once Upon a Time (Original Mix)
Exouler – Persistence Of Time (Extended Mix)
C-Systems, Christian Zechner, Hanna Finsen – Farewell (Extended Mix)
Chris SX – Let Me Leave (Extended Mix)
Elevven – One Last Time (Roman Messer Extended Remix)
Karandá – Still Got Time (Kaimo K Extended Mix)
Lost Witness, Tracey Carmen – Red Sun Rising 2020 (Extended Mix)
Nicholson & Paul Skelton – Serenity (Original Mix)
Oliviero Fluto x Marc Motivo – Free (Extended)
Para X – Dragonfire
Protoculture – Go (extended mix)
Simon Lee & Alvin – Kmnd (extended mix)
Tim Verkruissen – Reconnected (Extended Mix)
Rank 1 – Airwave (Paul Gibson Remix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 59 (20.09.2020)

A75 – Intro (
Robbie Seed and Mary Sweet – Okay To Fall (original mix)
Aly & Fila with Plumb – Somebody Loves You (Extended Mix)
Liquid Dream – Rainbow In The Storm (Extended Mix)
Nicholson – Chainsaw (Original Mix)
Last Soldier – Shining Star (Extended Mix)
Synthetic Fantasy – Fight It Back (Original Mix)
Yoshi & Razner – Eternal (Extended Mix)
NX-Trance – No Release (Extended Mix)
FAWZY & Hotze – World Of Falsehoods (Original Mix)
Airborn – Valkyria 2020 (Original Mix)
Frank Dueffel – Flamingo (extended mix)
Aurosonic, Ricardo Ferraro & Korah – Hold Me Now (Extended Mix)
Marlo feat. Emma Chatt – Here We Are (vadim bonkrashkov remix)
UDM – Supernova (extended mix)
Christopher Corrigan – Accomplish (Extended Mix)
Dan R – FucK The Trap (Terra V. Remix)
Illuminor – Umzansi (A.R.D.I. Remix)
Matys, CJ Stone – Silent Waves (vinny deGeorge remix)
RoSuncatcher & Exolight pres. Sunlight State – Vacation (Extended Mix)
Roger Shah, Kristina Sky – Take Me Back (Extended Mix)
Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Nu-Spirits & Future State Rework)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 58 (12.08.2020) SPECIAL ROOFTOP SUMMER EDITION

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Joe Cormack, Binary Ensemble – For The Ones We Love
Vinny DeGeorge – Entrancing Love
Chris Connolly – After Eternity (Extended Mix)
Andrew Rayel & Robbie Seed feat. That Girl – Stars Collide (Vinny DeGeorge Remix)
Alan Morris – United (Extended Mix)
Eximinds, Jean Clemence – The Venue (Extended Mix)
Amir Reza – Faraway (Extended Mix)
Jameson Tullar and Annabelle Hayes – Dreaming (sinstar remix)
Christopher Corrigan – Auspicious (Extended Mix)
Christopher Corrigan – Take Me Home (Extended Mix)
Ellez Ria – Injustice (Extended Mix)
Last Soldier – Desert Rose (extended mix)
Liam van Hoven – Ruth (kiyoi and eky remix)
Mike Van Fabio – My Light (Extended Mix)
Mindsoundscapes, Hamza Messaoudi – Our World (Extended Mix)
Simon Fischer, Nonlinear Endorphine – Do You Believe Me Now (Alex Wright Extended Remix)
The Avains & Dmitriy Kuznetsov – Fluttering Wings (Extended Mix)
Wayf4rer as Chikubeats – Empire
Yoji Biomehanika – Ding A Ling (District5 2020 Uplifting Remix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 57 (14.06.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
…more soon

A75 – Trancin´ episode 56 (07.04.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Abstract Vision – Universe Inside Us (original mix)
Yuri Yavorovskiy – Neon Shadow
Mark Sixma feat. ANVY – Meet Again (ReOrder Extended Remix)
Ian Van Dahl feat. Marsha – Castles In The Sky (Khalai Bootleg)
Last Soldier – Beyond The Dark (extended mix)
Bernis – Photon Sailor (original mix)
Gabriele De Santis – Alice (Extended Mix)
Nostrangel – Human Resistance (Extended Mix)
Ciro Parcheri – Habemus
Kiran M, Last Soldier – Proteus (Extended Mix)
Tycoos, Sandro Mireno – A Place Where Love Is Born (Deme3us Remix)
The Avains, Divaiz – Mariposa (Extended Mix)
Maywave – Ocean Blue (original mix)
Freegat – Atlantida (Extended Mix)
Hamza Messaoudi – Ahaggar (Original Mix) (Original Mix)
The Thrillseekers pres.Hydra – Crystalline (extended mix)
Clion – The Bulb
Leroy Moreno & Waltin Jay – Till The Night Closes In (Extended Mix)
Escea – EK45 (Original Mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 55 (29.03.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Eximinds & Chris Burke – The Night (Extended Mix)
Victor Special and Elev8 – Forever First (original mix)
Paul Van Dyk & Kinetica – First Contact (Extended Mix)
Alternate High – Yggdrasil (Original Mix)
KINETICA – Now Or Never (Original Mix)
Maratone with Roxanne Emery – Learn To Fly (Extended Mix)
Last Soldier & Sina7 – Deep Space (Extended Mix)
Ahmed Helmy – Kick Off (Original Mix)
Ruben De Ronde & Roxanne Emery – Gold (Richard Durand Extended Remix)
Darren Obrien – Alternative Path (original mix)
Maarten de Jong – Intense (Extended Mix)
Tau-Rine & Exouler – Desolation (Extended Mix)
Bryan Summerville – Tokyo (Original Mix)
Chris SX – Its Over (trance mission theme) (extended)
Giuseppe Ottaviani feat. Tricia McTeague – Only A Heartbeat Away (Extended Mix)
Jean Clemence – Hippolyte (original mix)
Satellite Robots & Kim Alex – Sleeping Satellite (Club Mix)
Erin McCarley – I Won’t Let You Down (Charlie Elliott & Wain Johnstone Remix)
Metta & Glyde – Limerence (Venetica Remix)
Factoria – Enlivened Frequencies (extended mix)
Last Soldier – To The Future (extended mix)
Sunset – Sensation (Ryan K Remix)
Madwave – Sparrow 2020 (original mix)
COIN – 20

A75 – Trancin´ episode 54 (22.03.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
DRYM, Adip Kiyoi & Christina Novelli – Colours (Uplifting Mix)
Shane Infinity & Adam Morris – Mayaguana (Extended Mix)
Bixx – Gregorian Rhapsody (extended mix)
Ben Gold x Ruben de Ronde – Era Festivus (Luminn & Gather Extended Remix)
Nitrous Oxide – First Aid (extended mix)
Aly & Fila – The Walk (Extended Club Mix)
Oraw & Seegmo – New Life (Extended Mix)
Dan Thompson – Descent (Extended Mix)
Mart Sine & Natalie Gioia – It’s Your Life (Paul Boyle extended Remix)
Tribal Temptation – Sense Of Life (Vocal Extended Mix)
Bogdan Vix, Claudiu Adam feat.Mona – Moua Stay (Extended Mix)
Shane Infinity & Adam Morris – Mayaguana (Alex Nomak Remix)
Alan Morris – Fire in Your Eyes (Original Mix)
LR Uplift – Lina (Extended Mix)
Aaron Sim and Airtouch – Parallels (extended mix)
Paul Miller and Jackob Rocksonn – Amarena (jackob roenald extended mix)
David Surok – Shadow (kiyoi and eky remix)
Serenade – 25 (Extended Mix)
GXD – Echoes (Extended Mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 53 (02.03.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Karanda – Kindered (extended mix)
Ilan Bluestone feat. Emma Hewitt – Hypnotized (Extended Mix)
Super8 & Tab feat. Christina Novelli – Rooftops (Extended Mix)
A.R.D.I. – Uplifted (extended mix)
Tycoos & Sandro Mireno – Lost Legend (NyTiGen Remix)
Jean Clemence & Alaera – Alone by Your Side (Original Mix)
TrancEye – Distant Dream(Extended Mix)
Ben Ashley – Fifth Avenue (Original Mix)
UDM – Omega (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix)
Jacob Ireng – Ambra (Original Mix)
Caymen, Mark L2K – Head Over (Extended Mix)
Vincent Zauhar – The Portal (Original Mix)
Myon feat. Icon – Cold summer (instrumental mix)
Aeg – River Of Tears (original mix)
Moreno J – Leaves In The Breeze (Original Mix)
Tom Exo – String Theory (extended mix)
AstroFegs – Awakening (Extended Mix)
Metta & Glyde – Maitri (Original Mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 52 (17.02.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Katrik and Sandro Mireno – Amore Mio (intro mix)
Alan Morris – Living In Paradise (Extended Mix)
Milosh K – Sparkle (Original Mix)
Storm State, Clare Stagg – Eternal Glow (Sam Laxton Extended Mix)
Danny Eaton – Earth Angel (extended)
S.H.O.K.K. – Smoky Peat (Iain M Extended Remix)
Lilly Sinatra – Ghost Love (original mix)
Exouler – Mirror Of Soul (Extended Mix)
F.E.B – Benicio (Extended Mix)
Josh Ferrin – Mauna Kea (original mix)
Paul Boyle – Mantra
Adam Morris – Interstellar (darren o´bien remix)
David Surok – Moment (Original Mix)
Jaroslav Nodes & DJ Kosvanec – Single Star (Original Mix)
Andrew Mirt – Galania (extended mix)
tranzLift – The Next Frontier (Extended Mix)
Madstation – Eclipse (original mix)
Sean Tyas, James Kitcher, Adam Taylor – Mantra (extended mix)
The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra – Take Me With You (Extended Mix)
FUTURECODE & Roxanne Emery – Dancing In The Rain (Craig Connelly Remix)
Aj Gibson – Avatar (original mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 51 (10.02.2020)

A75 – Trancin´Intro
Fabrice – Tell Me A Story (Original Mix)
Para X – Light Speed (Extended Mix)
Kita-Kei – Sora
Andy Elliass with Aneym – Whisper To Me (extended mix)
Kiyoi & Eky – Let It Be Mine (Extended Mix)
Steve Dekay – Cosmic (extended)
Costa Pantazis – Kitsunegari (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)
Sholan – Renegade Fire (extended mix)
Ahmed Romel – Reverie (Extended Mix)
David Gate – Twins Flams (Original Mix)
Smr Lve feat.Eric Lumiere – Show Me The Light (extended mix)
Jael – No Matter What (raz nitzan extended mix)
Cyril Ryaz – Love You 3000 (Original Mix)
Daniel Kandi – Nova II (The Second Journey) (Extended Mix)
Boombastix – The Awakening (ahmed helmy remix)
John Askew, Sean Tyas – Unkonscious (extended mix)
Miroslav Vrlik – Echoes (Extended Mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 50 (09.02.2020)

A75 – Trancin´ Intro
Triumvirate – Still Glow The Embers (Re-Ignited) (Edelways Remix)
Cold Face – Light Blue (Original Mix)
Ross Rayer – Hold Me
Tim Redding – Forever In My Heart (extended mix)
Steve Dekay – Labyrinth (Extended Mix)
Pierre Pienaar – Kamaria (extended mix)
Miroslav Vrlik – Over The Rainbow (original mix)
Kinetica – Stargazer
Sholan – Bring The Noise (extended mix)
Ashley Bradbury – Jules (Original Mix)
Mr Sam feat. clAud9 – Cygnes (Ferry Tayle Extended Remix)
Rinaly – Phoenix Pinion (Extended Mix)
Ronski Speed and DJ TH pres. Sun Decade – Downfall (extended mix)
Miguel Angel Castellini – Forces For Victory (Original Mix)
Elian West – A.I.D.A. (Original Mix)
Oliver Imseng – Flying Over Bern (simon fischer pres.tales of elevation remix)
TranzLift -Heaven’s Shore (Mercurial Virus Extended Remix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 48 (28.07.2019)

Specific Slice and Sandro Mireno – Asylum Of Nephilims (intro mix)
Alex Leavon & Julia Ross – Drive Me Crazy (Extended Mix)
Dennis Graft – Diving (Extended Mix)
Rub!k – Escape Time (Extended Mix)
Tau-Rine – Terra Vibes (Extended Mix)
NG Rezonance – Sinners (alex wright remix)
Sunlight state – Ab aeterno
ToShuk & NX-Trance feat. Neyara – Heart Is Broken (Extended Mix)
Sandro Mireno – Palladium (Original Mix)
Dennis Graft – Diving (Extended Mix)
XiJaro & Pitch With. Jenny Svensson – Echoes In The Dark (Original Mix)
Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland – Disconnected (Classic Respray)
Benya & Daniel Kandi – Emily’s Lullaby (Uplifting Extended Mix)
Leroy Moreno – Synchronicity (Extended Mix)
Temple One – Make the Earth Move
Cold Stone and Antone – Touch Heavens (extended mix)
Alexander Popov & Ruslan Radriges – Astronaut (Extended Mix)
Roger Shah & Rene Ablaze – Natural Order (Club Mix)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 45 (26.03.2018)

A75 – Intro
Kayosa & Tolland Feat. Matt Noland – Cape Reinga (Original Mix)
Honan feat Susie Ledge – I Wont Give Up On You (extended mix)
Alex Wright – Mnemba (Extended Mix)
Syntouch and Ariette Florence – Unspoken Words (Original Mix)
Aelyn – Water & Fire (Elite Electronic Extended Dub Mix)
Ross Rayer – Aureola (extended mix)
M.i.k.e. Push – Graceful (Original Mix)
Darren Porter – Light Speed (extended mix)
Andy Jornee – Wake Up (Original Mix)
Eric Senn – Alatyr (Original Mix)
Nakhiya – Elisshea (original mix)
Hazem Beltagui and Sarah Russell – When Our Story Has To End (Stargazers Dub)

A75 – Trancin´ episode 44 (19.03.2018)

A75 – Intro
Julie Thompson, Theoh – How It Feels (extended mix)
Xander – Far East (Miguel Angel Castellini Melancholic Remix)
Fady & Mina with Leolani – Push Through (Extended Mix)
Alternate High – Strings of Destiny (Emotional Mix)
Suncatcher and Exolight vs. Starpicker – The Healer (Extended Mix)
Klaas – Close to you (Norex & Adwell Remix)
Above and Beyond, Justine Suissa – Cold Feet (Extended Mix)
Manuel Le Saux – Platinum (Original Mix)
Ben Gold & Audrey Gallagher – There Will Be Angels (Extended Mix)
Sunlight Project – Eldorado (Original Mix)
UDM – Highlight (Extended Mix)
Arsen Gold feat. Hidden Tigress – Searching For You (Abide Remix)
Etamin – White Line (Original Mix)
Kiyoi & Eky – Bidakara 213 (Extended Mix)
Spark and Shade – Shipwrecked (Extended Mix)
Last Dream – Still Running (original mix)
Seven Lions and Runn – Calling You Home (Oliver Smith Extended Mix)
Rub!k – Colour Theory (Extended Mix)
Digital Rush, Mhammed el Alami – Wonderlust (extended)
Tempo Giusto – Automatika (extended mix)
David mcQuiston – Arran (original mix)
FROGG – Enjoy The Silence (Remix)
Fan´s request: Sergey Nevone & Simon O’Shine – Ethereal Rhapsody (Original Mix)

Trancin´ episode 43 (19.02.2018)

A75 – Intro
Phil Dinner – Playing With Your Heart (Original Mix)
Suncatcher, Caitlin Stubbs – Closer Than Close (Extended Mix)
Elevation, Elara – Meridian (Extended Mix)
Ben Ashley – Dakota (Original Mix)
Store N Forward, One Half Bear – Free Falling (Extended Mix)
Ghg – Kawokami (Tycoos Remix)
Steve Dekay – Utopia (Extended Mix)
Skylex – We Were (Extended Mix)
Rapid Eye – Circa Forever (Radion6 Extended Remix)
Ahmed Helmy and Twin View – Magic Box (Extended Mix)
Nolita – Fast Forward (extended)
Last Sunlight – The First One (R3dub Remix)
Tranceye – Illusion (Extended Mix)
Sean Tyas, Katherine amy – Twilo (Original Mix)
Moreno J – The Body Pulse Of Seduction (Classic Mix)
Davey Asprey – The Dawning (Extended Mix)
Taraya – Sense Of Time (Extended Mix)
Ruddaz, Rub!k – Kiki (Extended Mix)
Frank Dueffel – Wherever You Are (Extended)
Steve Allen – FPMMT (Extended Mix)
KhoMha – Fuego (extended)
Poshout vs Holbrook and Skykeeper – Someday
Grizli Man – Buzzer (Original Mix)
Julie Thompson, Driftmoon – Only You (Extended Mix)

Trancin´ episode 42 (12.02.2018)

A75 – Intro
Saket – 12th Dimension (Original Mix)
MaRLo – Enough Echo (Extended Mix)
Accelerator – Fist of the Legend Pt. 1 (Original Mix)
Asteroid and Daylight – Retrospect (Original Mix)
Sunbrothers – This Feeling
Attila Syah pres. Gamma & Cari – Every Goodbye (Extended Mix)
Somna and Sheridan Grout ft. Mike Schmid – Love Hold On (Extended Mix)
UDM – Magenta (Extended Mix)
Tristan Armes – Stellify (Original Mix)
Navid N2M & DJ Xquizit – Be Yourself (Original Mix)
Holbrook and SkyKeeper – From A Distance (extended mix)
Diago – Renaitre (Extended Mix)
AirLab7 – Shy Lass (Original Mix)
Skylex – We Were (Extended Mix)
Overtone, M.I.K.E. Push – The Sun Rises (extended mix)
Innersync – A Gift of Love (Original Mix)
Abraham Ramirez – Paradise (Carl Daylim Remix)
Temple One – Encounter
Taraya – I Feel You (Extended Mix)
Marcell Stone – Aquarius (Extended Mix)
The Avains – Courageous (Extended Mix)
Chris SX – Feel Alive (original mix)
Tony Day & Shatadru Sensharma – Amissa (Extended Mix)
Ben Stone and Estrax – Solace (Original Mix)
Dreamlife & Laucco – Amaranth (Original Mix)

Trancin´ episode 41 (05.02.2018)

A75 – Intro
Pierre Pienaar – Matahari (Extended)
Active Lab – Nuclei (Extended Mix)
Activa – Generate
Leo Reyes – Nighthawks (Extended Mix)
Solis & Sean Truby – Riviera (Extended Mix)
Miroslav Vrlik – Lost In Space (Extended Mix)
Ram, Ciaran McAuley – Serengeti (extended mix)
Darude, Ashley Wallbridge, Foux – Surrender (Extended Mix)
Ruslan Radriges – Be Your Sound (Extended Mix)
Steve Dekay – Fortuna (Extended Mix)
Giuseppe Ottaviani – Till The Sunrise (Extended Mix)
EnMass – CQ (Seek You) (The Cracken Extended Remix)
Memory Loss – Endless Dreams (Extended Mix)
Steve Brian – Hyperwave (Original Mix)
Evgeny Pacuk – Ineffable (Original Mix)
Fresh Code – Memories (Danny Legatto Remix)
Hyperphycron – Space Trip (Original Mix)
Sebastian Brushwood – Step Into The Sun (Extended Mix)
Dennis Pedersen – Man Of Few Words (Extended Mix)
Precious Affliction – Remember (Original Mix)
Janberg – Pirates Adventure (Original Mix)
Alex & Blue SIlence and onTune feat. Angel Falls – Together (Euforia Festival 2017 Anthem)
Kiyoi, Eky, LightControl – Chronicle (Extended Mix)
Etasonic and Dany G – Flying In A Dream (ram and cari remix)
Attens and Martina Kay – If You Find A Way (Playme Remix)

TRANCIN´40 (29.01.2018):

A75 – Intro
Jeremy Vancaulart, Danyka Nadeau – Hurt (extended mix)
Hamzeh and Ahmad Ai – Lachrymose (Extended Mix)
Zahir – Storm (Original Mix)
DIM3NSION – Agarimo (Extended Mix)
Mind 2 Heart – The Love Fall Part 2 (Original Mix)
Martin Graff – Better Days Are Coming (Extended Mix)
Greg Dusten – Sunset In Her Eyes ”
Delta IV – Last Stop Before Heaven (Original Mix)
HamzeH – Phantom (Extended Mix)
Sothzanne String – Premonition (Original Mix)
The Noble Six – Black Star (extended mix)
Allen Watts – Limitless (Original Mix)
Madwave & Tycoos – Momentum (Original Mix)
Tenishia, Alexander Popov – Play Your Cards (tenshia extended remix)
Zahir – Storm
Evgeny Lebedev, Alter Future – Tornado Valley (Extended Mix)
Michael Kaelios – Underground Fight (Extended Mix)
Dennis Graft feat. Maria Milewska – Until (Enzo Extended Remix)
Rought Cash – Phantom (Original Mix)
Alternate High – For The Memory (Extended Mix)
Amos & Riot Night – Interstate Four (Extended Mix)
Light Control – Once In Heaven (Kiyoi & Eky Remix)
Steve Allen, Patrick Dreama – Samurai (Extended Mix)
Hamzeh and Ahmad Ai – Lachrymose (Extended Mix)
Daniel Wanrooy – Highway 1 (Extended Mix)
Dirkie Coetzee – Engel

TRANCIN´39 (22.01.2018):

A75 – Intro
Roman Messer, Christina Novelli – Fireflies (Extended Mix)
Dirkie Coetzee and Corrie Theron – Engel (Original Mix)
Roman Petrov – Olkhon (Original Mix)
Super8 and Tab feat. Envy Monroe – True Love (Extended Mix)
Aerial state, The lumberjackz – Falling
Maarten De Jong, Katty Heath – Free To Feel Again (Extended Mix)
Delta IV – Beautiful World (Syntouch Remix)
Alex Delta, Hidden Tigress – Embrace The Shadow (Original mix)
Airlab7, Javii Wind – Last Adventure (Dreamlife Remix)
Allen Watts – Square One (steve allen extended)
Sam Laxton, Noire Lee – Thunderstorm (Extended Mix)
KhoMha – Aire (extended mix)
Jean Boris – Deep Forest (Original Mix)
Raz Nitzan, Neev Kennedy – Someone Else’s Lover (Extended Mix)
WeareD – Through The Universe (Extended Mix)
Nicholson – To The Flame (charlottes theme) (pierre piennar remix)
Paul Denton – Afterglow (Extended Mix)
Matthew Duncan – Verdant (Original Mix)
Michael L. – Astral Projection (Original Mix)
Driftmoon, Julie Elven – Midnight Sun (Extended Mix)
Nolans Stenemberg ft. Jennifer Lauren – The Winter (R3dub Remix)
Ross Rayer – Dreamer (Greg Dusten Remix)
Proyal – Epode (Smith & Brown Remix)
Fredd Moz, Sara Houston – Free Flyer (Extended Mix)
Jean Clemence – Eternity (Tommy Kierland Remix)

TRANCIN´38 (15.01.2018):

A75 – Intro
Youssoupha ft. Corneille – Histoires Vraies 2k18 (UltraBooster Bootleg Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Summer Love Story (extended)
Emad Ebeat, Farzin, Meysam Ahmadi – Dreamy Days (Last Soldier Remix)
Mhammed El Alami – Dunes Of Desire (Extended Mix)
FloE & J.Puchler feat. Robin Vane – Alive (Derek Palmer Remix)
Stephane Badey – Revenge (Original Mix)
Alexander Turok and Sarah Russell – Take Me Back (tycoos remix)
Feel-X & Robin Vane – Found Myself (A&M Remix)
Kaimo K – Uncharted (Extended Mix)
Aaron Sim – Eternity (Original Mix)
Airlab7 – Sakura (Original Mix)
Haka – Uplink (Extеnded Mix)
Parity – Saturn (Extended Mix)
Exouler – Uprising
RNX – Atoms (Extended Mix)
Casey Rasch and Andres Sanchez – Backlash (original mix)
Richard Tanselli – Aftermath (Original Mix)
Lepi, Taival – Moonshadow (Extended Mix)
Sou Kanai & Future State – Spirit Worship (Original Mix)
Darren Porter, Alessandra Roncone – Transcendence
RAM feat. Clare Stagg – Guiding Star (LTN Extended Remix)
DJ Shog & Roger Shah – Without You (Roger Shah Mix)
Costa & Ellie Lawson – Illuminate (Extended Mix)
Big Topo and Omar Diaz – Pirineos

TRANCIN´37 (08.01.2018):

A75 – Intro
Follow Focus – After The Storm (Original Mix)
Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge – Faces (Indecent Noise Remix)
Craig Connelly, Kate Miles – Lost Without You
Bigtopo & Omar Diaz – Pirineos (Original Mix)
Ciro Visone & Semper T. – A World A Part (Extended Mix)
Abide – Face To Face (Original Mix)
F.G. Noise, Patrick Dreama – Kepler (Extended Mix)
Ferry Corsten – Lonely Inside (Extended Ferry Fix)
Hamzeh – Orbit (Extended Mix)
Solewaas – Dont Look Back
Alan Morris & Daniel Skyver – Herculean (Mike Sanders Remix)
Vlind – Equality (Original Mix)
Franco Scaravaglione – Majestic (Extended Mix)
Rivana – Smells Like Teen Stringer
Tensile Force – Downhill Run (4 Seas Remix)
Solar Movement – Close Your Eyes (Jackob Roenald Rework)
David Forbes – Fire Cracker (Original Mix)
Fast Distance & Stonevalley – Saiyan (Extended Mix)
Saket – The Great Escape (extended mix)
Airscape – Sosei (Ferry Tale remix)
Alternate High – Distant Sunrise
Erika K – Melva
Attens, New World – If You Find A Way (New World remix)
Marcprest – You´re My Star

TRANCIN´36 (25.12.2017):

A75 – Intro
Dave Shifting & Robbie Seed pres. Sky Motion – Salva (Original Mix)
Erika K – Melva (Extended Mix)
Bluskay – Sun Rays (Extended Mix)
Steve Allen, Fenja, Zack Mia – Way Back Home
Nolans Stenemberg – The Winter (original mix)
Roman Messer – Closer (Steve Allen Remix)
SounEmot – Fear of Love (Emotional Mix)
Eric Senn – In Her Eyes (Nord Horizon Remix)
NoMosk feat. Maria Milewska – Black Light (Extended Mix)
Parity – Illusion (Extended Mix)
Sean Mathews – Rise Again (Extended Mix)
Marcprest – You’re My Star (Original Mix)
Tom Exo – Skybouncer (Extended Mix)
Sean Mathews – Come Alive (Alex Wright Remix)
Dan Dobson, Davey Asprey – Fantome (Extended Mix)
Attens, New World – If You Find A Way (New World Remix)
Paul Pollux – Aldebaran (Original Mix)
Type 41, XiJaro & Pitch – Chase Your Dreams (Extended Mix)
Alternate High & Laucco – Distant Sunrise (Original Mix)
Johnny Yono – Find Me In The End
Alan Morris – Stigmata (extended mix)
RAM – Melbourne (Extended Fusion Mix)
Vini Vici, Astrix – Adhana (Original Mix)